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Served with potato chips and a pickle spear.

I love this place”

Deluxe ham, Genoa salami, fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, lettuce, tomato, Kalamata olive spread and deli dressing served in toasted ciabatta bread. 11.99

“Main Street Stroll”

Tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, arugula and pesto served with in toasted ciabatta bread. 9.99 (vegetarian)

“Healthy Harbor Walk”

Your choice of grilled eggplant or Portobella mushroom with fresh mozzarella cheese, roasted red peppers, arugula and garlic mayo served in toasted ciabatta bread. 10.99 (vegetarian)

“Duck Mobile Gobbler”

Oven Gold turkey breast, Provolone cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pesto and mayonnaise in toasted ciabatta bread. 10.99

“Hy-Line Ferry Cruiser”

Pastrami, Oven Gold turkey and Black Forest ham piled high with Swiss cheese in toasted country white bread with mayonnaise and spicy mustard. 12.99

“Yes! They have Falafel”

Homemade falafel with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, hummus and tahini wrapped in pita bread. 9.50 (vegan)

“Cape Flyer Chew Chew”

Deluxe ham, cappacolla, salami and Provolone cheese served with lettuce, tomatoes, red onions and Kalamata olive spread in toasted ciabatta bread. 12.99

“Beach Walk”

Oven Gold turkey, avocado, Muenster cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and garlic mayo in toasted multigrain bread. 11.99


Avocado, sprouts, tomatoes, red onions and Sriracha mayo in toasted multigrain bread. 8.99 (vegetarian)

“Mayflower Deluxe”

Oven Gold turkey, bacon, avocado, Provolone cheese, sprouts and Sriracha mayo in toasted ciabatta bread. 11.99


Bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and Oven Gold turkey with mayonnaise in toasted Country White bread. 11.99

“Roast Beef Sandwich”

With lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and garlic mayonnaise in toasted ciabatta bread. 11.99

“Hot Pastrami Sandwich”

Grilled pastrami with melted Swiss cheese and spicy mustard in toasted ciabatta bread. 11.99


Pastrami, Roast Beef or Turkey 11.99

Grilled eggplant or Portobella mushroom 9.99

Melted Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and thousand island dressing in toasted ciabatta bread.


Starting at 8.99 Served with potato chips and a pickle spear.

Breads: Country white, whole wheat multigrain, ciabatta roll, pita wrap. For gluten-free bread add $1.

Protein: Deluxe ham, Black Forest Ham, Oven Gold Turkey Breast, Cappacolla, Genoa Salami (add $1)

Pastrami, Roast Beef (add $2). Bacon (add $1.25) Grilled Chicken (add 1.50)

Cheese: Cheddar, American, Muenster, Provolone, Swiss, Feta, fresh Mozzarella (add $1).

Fixins’: Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, roasted red peppers, arugula, sprouts, hot peppers, pickles, cucumbers.

Avocado add $1.25. Grilled eggplant or Portobella mushroom add $1.

Spreads: Mayonnaise, garlic mayo, Sriracha mayo, yellow mustard, spicy mustard, honey mustard, hummus, pesto, Kalamata olive spread.

(2 free fixins’ and 1 spread included. Additional charges for extra items )

Housemade Soups

Cup (8oz.) 4.99 Bowl (12oz.) 6.99 Quart (32oz.) 15.50

Hungarian Mushroom (vegetarian), Chicken Orzo, Chicken Lemon, Moroccan Spice (vegan), Clam Chowder, Mulligatawny


Caesar Salad 8.29 Greek Salad 8.29

Garden Salad.- mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers and red onions with Balsamic vinaigrette dressing. 7.49

Arugula Salad.- Grilled Portabella mushroom, roasted red peppers, marinated artichoke hearts, red onions, fresh mozzarella cheese and Balsamic vinaigrette dressing. 10.99

Taboule-Avocado Salad.- Taboule and avocado served over mixed greens, topped with Feta cheese and Balsamic vinaigrette dressing. 10.99

ADD Grilled Chicken 4 Falafel with tahini 4 Grilled sirloin steak 8

Mediterranean Platter for 2

Taboule, hummus, baba ghanoush, falafel with tahini and olives served with pita bread. 17.99


Served with grilled peppers and onions over Jasmine rice.

Sirloin Steak Kebab 16.99

Marinated Chicken Kebab 13.99

  ADD grilled mushrooms and zucchini 2.99


Ham and Cheese Sandwich 6.99

Grilled Cheese Sandwich 5.99

Grilled Chicken with rice 7.99


“Good Old Ham and Cheese”

Black Forest Ham, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and garlic mayo in toasted ciabatta bread. 11.99

“Chicken Caesar Wrap”

With grilled marinated chicken in a pita wrap. 11.99

“Super Beet Sandwich”

with fresh mozzarella cheese, arugula, Balsamic glaze and garlic mayo in toasted ciabatta bread. 10

“Tuna Salad Sandwich”

With lettuce and tomatoes in toasted multigrain bread. 11

“Steak Bomb”

Grilled shaved steak with onions, peppers, mushrooms, American cheese and garlic mayonnaise wrapped in pita bread. 11.99

“Portobella Panini”

Grilled Portobella mushroom, cheddar cheese, spinach, roasted red peppers and garlic mayonnaise wrapped and grilled in pita bread. 11.99

“Healthy Wrap”

Taboule, Feta cheese, lettuce and hummus wrapped in pita bread. 10.99

“Tuna Melt”

Tuna salad topped with tomatoes and melted Swiss cheese served on multigrain bread. 11.99

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